Pine Board Timber

Robertson Hardwoods has more than five decades of experience in the hardwood industry, and are ideally positioned to reliably supply high-grade timber and related products to customers throughout South Africa.

Timber products are sourced from suppliers in North and South America, Europe, West Africa, Southern Africa, South East Asia and Asia.

The benefits of hardwood timber

Hardwood timber is sourced from slower-growing trees and is usually denser than softwoods, providing them with an exceptional level of strength and durability.

Hardwood is considered an investment because it is usually longer-lasting, requiring less maintenance because of its natural weather resistance. Hardwood also offers excellent fire resistance and won’t billow toxic smoke if it does catch fire.

Hardwood timber’s most common use is for flooring, but other uses include cladding, panelling, fences, boats, buildings and outdoor furniture. It can be used in residential and commercial applications, both indoor and outdoor. It’s elegant, easy to clean and a great long-term investment. It offers great acoustics, eliminating hollow sounds or vibrations, and improves indoor air quality as it’s less likely to trap allergens like animal dander, dust and pollen.

Robertson Hardwoods supplies Red or Yellow Balau hardwood, sourced from suppliers in South East Asia for decking specifically, due to its unique mixture of warm colours ranging from golden browns, light browns, and pale reddish-browns, which ensures a look that will sit beautifully within a natural environment. This particular hardwood is perfectly suited to decks in the South African climate.

Timber Supply

As a leading timber supplier of responsibly sourced timber, Robertson Hardwoods can provide our clients with materials that are characterised by quality and variety.

These include:

American White Oak P.O.R.
Wood / Timber

American White Oak

American White Ash P.O.R.
Wood / Timber

American Ash

African Mahogany P.O.R.
Wood / Timber

African Mahogany

Meranti P.O.R.
Wood / Timber


American Red Oak P.O.R.
Wood / Timber

American Red Oak

American Walnut P.O.R.
Wood / Timber

American Walnut

American Cherry P.O.R.
Wood / Timber

American Cherry

American Poplar P.O.R.
Wood / Timber

American Poplar

Steamed (Pink) Beech P.O.R.
Wood / Timber

Steamed (Pink) Beech

Unsteamed (White) Beech P.O.R.
Wood / Timber

Unsteamed (White) Beech

Kiaat P.O.R.
Wood / Timber


African Teak P.O.R.
Wood / Timber

African Teak

Grandis Saligna P.O.R.
Wood / Timber

Grandis Saligna

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As specialist timber suppliers In Johannesburg, we can advise you on the correct hardwood timber for your project, and supply timber to the whole of South Africa. Speak to an expert at Robertson Hardwood for all your timber needs.